ASM&Co helps raise profile, articulate message, and grow business by getting clients in the media and in front of the press. This page includes just some examples of the media attention ASM&Co clients have received.

CEO Norm Coleman on Hannity

No Labels: National Leadership Meetings

See C-Span video library.

‘No Labels’ Look For Political Common Ground: NPR Radio Spot

Pacific Trade International’s Mei Xu

Pacific Trade International’s Mei Xu: Marketing to China (Business Week)

Working Women: Pursuing a Passion for Candles

Is the Chinese Way ‘Superior’?

Creating a Business Empire from Candles

Morning Joe

New Media Strategies’s Pete Snyder & Moira Curran on CNN with Don Lemon

Rebuilding The Political Center

Mark McKinnon

NBC Meet the Press with Mark McKinnon

Mark McKinnon on Parker Spitzer